Thank you for visiting my site! I started this weight loss blog in November of 2006 shortly after moving to NYC; a city know for fashionable and thin women. Walking down the streets of Manhattan looking for a job was not easy as a 315 lb.  woman and knew I had to document the experience.

After a few months of climbing 10 flights of stairs to and from work, walking everywhere and joining a local gym I dropped 50lbs. pretty effortlessly. I joined Weight Watchers and tried various diets over the years including Atkins, South Beach, The Day off Diet, The “S” Diet, the Fat Flush Diet, the Candida Diet and every other diet in between, but nothing helped me lose weight like consistent exercise. During my time in New York I maintained a weight of 275-265. I wanted to lose more, but I have a serious love for Indian food and really good desserts.

Fast forward to 2012. I’m 29 years old & happily married. We share our home with three cats and a rabbit. We now reside in a small beautiful town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. I’ve lived here for three and a half years and the sedentary lifestyle that I’ve known my whole life has crept back along with the extra weight. Join me as I figure out a way to be a healthier person inside and out…

What do you blog about?

This blog is a mix of food, fashion and fitness. I’ve struggled with being overweight or obese my entire life and while I don’t agree that I can be obese and healthy, I do believe that it shouldn’t stop me from living a pretty decent life.

This site isn’t about making perfect diet book food choices.  It’s about finding moderation, and new ways to celebrate life. I enjoy eating clean, local, organic and fresh foods as much as possible and enjoy cooking and sharing new recipes.

I’m not a nutritionist nor do I condone any one way of eating for weight loss or optimal health. I believe that we have to figure out what works for us  individually. I’m still mapping this out for myself.