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Cultivating a Habit 2

The first thing I did this morning was put on my exercise clothes and start this workout that I mentioned yesterday. I’m determined to make morning exercise a habit. Only because I find it very hard to exercise in the evenings. Who I am kidding? I find it hard to exercise at all times, but in the evening I can find way more excuses than I can in the morning.

I’m creating an environment that caters to this habit by…

1. having my workout clothes ready to put on first thing in the morning

2. no internet, work, eating or cleaning before I’ve had a morning workout.

3. take care of chores the night before.

4. stop waiting for on perfection. My perfectionist tendencies get in my way all the time. I want to be more flexible about what I consider a perfect morning because there never will be one. There may be mornings where I just can’t do a full workout physically, this morning my knee and back were twingy- but I moved anyway.

5. do this for 30 days in a row. If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time, you’ll know that I struggle with consistency. I never get to the point where these positive actions become habits.

6. make a list of the possible out comes from this daily exercise. ie: getting in shape, better health etc.

And also, when did jumping rope become the most difficult form of exercise ever? Holy hell! I used to jump rope all the time (of course I was a fraction of the size I am today), but it is seriously hard.


Breakfast this morning was 1 c. plain whole yogurt, 1 T honey, 1 C blueberries. This wasn’t as sweet as I usually eat my yogurt and only 324 calories. I’m working on cutting way back on sugar and getting used to flavors that aren’t loaded with sugar, salt or fat. This one is difficult for me. I could easily eat a vanilla yogurt with jam and granola and stack up lots of excess sugar before noon!

Work, Work, Work it Out



My workout this morning is brought to you by my love for cheesy pop music! This is the first workout that I’ve done in way too long that I was actually excited to do. It hit all of my workout requirements: 1) no watching time/countdowns/clocks etc. 2) pop music 3) dancing 4) a decent sweaty workout 5) can be done anywhere and without equipment 6) is fun and gets me out of my head 7) isn’t repetitive

As you can see from my play list I matched up each song with an action item. I drew exercises for arms, legs, and abs from memory. I have this idea to create a notebook filled with workouts from magazines and the internet that is sectioned off in each category, so that when I workout I can just flip to the page that I want to do that day. Soon!


Yesterday’s lunch was leftover (homemade) vegetable korma. This is our new favorite, I could eat this all week.


Dinner was grilled (on my cast iron griddle) salmon seasoned with garlic, honey, ginger, salt, olive oil and sriracha sauce, a side of grilled broccoli, 1 T herbed cheese, sweet peppers and a salad. The broccoli and lettuce were from our CSA box that Josh won in an auction.

My Favorite (Filling) Breakfast

Earth shattering, right? These breakfast burritos only have about 250-300 calories and they keep me full for hours! Just a scrambled egg with a little cheese and vegetables on a whole wheat wrap. So good! I found these wraps at the Fresh Market awhile ago and have been avoiding them because whole wheat wraps have failed me in the past. But, these are pliable and super thin, just like regular white ones.


The brand is Wrap-Itz in case you’re wondering. I’m trying to convince myself that they are worth the 45 minute drive to pick up another package.


I hope you all had a lovely Father’s Day weekend! I worked a lot on my other website and we had a cookout on Saturday for Josh’s dad. I made this spicy honey chicken which has never failed me.

I’m so pleased with my morning exercise streak and making it my goal to complete another week of exercise.

And so now I have a little confession. I went back and forth as to whether or not I wanted to share this until I actually did the work, but I’m not one to keep things to myself, so here goes…

My Attitude Adjustment

I’m finding  that the best way to motivate myself and get stuff done is by changing my attitude. This isn’t easy. I’m a firm believer  that if I don’t like something, I need to change it and if I can’t change it, I need to change how I feel about it. There are things I can’t change about weight loss. I can’t change that I need to eat less and better, and I can’t change that I need to exercise. I can’t avoid these actions and expect to get results.

I’m slowly getting out of these bad habits by this one simple reminder: make it fun. Often times, and more often than not, the stuff that I get in my head about, and put off and dread aren’t that bad. There are worse alternatives to eating fresh berries, grilled chicken, brown rice, sauteed vegetables, salads with eggs and mozzarella, salmon with ginger and olive oil…am I wrong here? I remind myself that there are people who would love to have my problems.

Every time I feel that moment of hesitation,  of I can’t do this, the I don’t want to do this!, and it’s just too hard, I know that I need to change my attitude more than the action, especially if said action produces a result that I desire.

This can and does go in all aspects of my life, from work to eating better.


So how do I change my attitude? It’s not always easy and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not always successful at it. But sometimes, it involves writing down why I’m frustrated and then following it with a paragraph with the reasons why it’s a good decisions.

I dance between steps, I give myself a sticker, I reward myself with a song from itunes, I watch an episode of Dawson’s Creek  something age appropriate, I write out all the steps in my best cursive, I make a game out of it (how many stickers can I earn today!?), I add feta (it makes everything better),  I get dressed up, I suspend my disbelief, I have a good laugh, I torment my fears, I email a friend, I set a fancy table for my really healthy meal, I eat slowly and pretend it’s the best meal I’ve ever made, I make a happiness collage, I do 20 jumping jacks or turns on the jump rope, I buy or pick flowers, I celebrate my small steps today and ignore the million more I need to take,  I write out the results…


I like to challenge myself to bring happiness into the mundane, to every day, to the stuff I need to do because it won’t always be fun  not to eat anything and everything I want, or to finish a tough project, meet a deadline, return emails, exercise for an hour, be prepared for cravings, have food within reach, to have a plan, to stick with said plan.

I cannot begin to tell you or express how much your support in my last post means to me! To say that I wasn’t expecting that kind of response is an understatement. I was so scared to share that one with those who read here. I’m glad I did. I feel like this is my jumping off point to show results with.

Also, I started reading The Skinny Rules and following Bob’s rules this week. They’re easy, yet hard. No sugar, no white flour, lots of decent food that I love, but it’s still hard especially during the social summer season. I’m trying to concentrate on what I can have versus what I can’t and moving on. I decided not to count calories with his plan, he recommends 1,200 for women, and I just can’t get into that head space. It’s hard for me to overeat the recommended foods, and if I feel like I’m not losing weight, I’ll count. I do track my portions (only 2 servings of whole grains a day, etc.) and I’m keeping a food journal. So far, after two days, I’m down 3 pounds.

Berry Toast

This is my healthy alternative to fast food. I like to trick myself into thinking that eating healthier requires a lot of time, energy, effort and planning. And while sometimes it does, that isn’t always the case.

This breakfast was thrown together in just a couple of minutes and I have a feeling it’s going to be in my regular rotation. I can imagine eating this berry toast on a road trip instead of stopping for biscuits, or bringing it along to the beach or a picnic.

Here’s the overly simple recipe:

Toast whole wheat bread (I just set my oven to 400 and let it toast in the preheat time). Spread goat cheese. Top with chopped strawberries and blueberries.  And that’s it! I think this would be good with a drizzle of honey too.

I like that this is a more filling and less sugary alternative to toast with butter and jam.

330 Calorie Breakfast

breakfastThe Breakfast Myth: Skipping breakfast makes you lose weight? This recipe will make you reconsider skipping breakfast ever again.

Breakfast this morning consisted of a cup of mixed berries (saved for snack later), 1 slice whole wheat toast, 1 egg, 2 slices turkey bacon and 1 baby belle cheese. Not bad for a filling 330 calorie breakfast.

I’m on the fence about things like turkey bacon, there is a part of me that would much rather eat nitrate-free local bacon and skip all of the extra processing and chemicals that go into turning turkey into bacon. Not that pork bacon isn’t processed and often has nitrates, but there is something wrong about turkey bacon (and turkey burgers, and ground meat for that matter) to me.  Am I alone here?

Ground turkey is featured in Bob’s Skinny Rules and I’m struggling with it.

I feel this way about light/low fat/ and fat free dairy as well. But that’s for another day.

My posts are scattered this week due to several large projects that I’m juggling at the moment. Monday, things will be settled and back to normal.

It feels like fall here this morning, I kind of like it!

With the Birds

Breakfast was served outside on the deck this morning. Pure happiness for me. The weather was perfect! I had egg, bacon, and provolone on an everything bagel thin with a side of strawberries. 360 calories total.

Time to get to work in my freshly cleaned and organized studio.

Internet Workout

I had a very fun and relaxing weekend and I hope you did too!

internet workout

I made another Nicoise salad Friday evening and then we went out for drinks after, Saturday I made pancakes, went to the farmer’s market, made vegetable korma and practiced the piano, Sunday we went to the lake/beach and then stopped for Mexican food on the way home.

For breakfast this morning I had an all from Floyd breakfast of sausage (and a little gravy made with almond flour), brown bread with butter and honey, an apple and two eggs. I’m still full and it’s almost 4pm!

Today’s workout came from pinterest:

internet workout 2This is from Fantasmo and it was hard! I get bored easily and so I thought I’d actually try one of these workouts that I always see on pinterest. I just printed it out and went with it. I did this outside around the house.

Nicoise Salad

Making this salad has been on my mind for days. I knew exactly what I wanted on it: baked salmon, boiled eggs, red onions, black olives, tomatoes, feta, cucumbers, lettuce and snap peas. Some of the items were from a shared CSA bag. It was so good we almost ate the whole thing. I’m still dreaming of all the new ways to make it: avocado, grilled chicken, fresh corn, artichokes…

I could, and just might, eat this every single day this summer. Even Josh loved it, which pleases me because he has always been on the fence about things like salmon and boiled eggs. I’m just now opening up to olives, it’s taken me 29 years, but I like a few sliced black olives in salads now. I kept trying to like them, and then one day I was like “I get it! Olives are delicious!”, weird how that happens. Still not too keen on the green ones though.

And this dressing is my new favorite, thanks to my friend Carly for introducing it to me. It’s seriously the best bottled dressing I’ve ever had. I’m a die-hard creamy dressing person, and this wins. That’s saying a lot.

This morning I woke up very sore. Walking and sitting hurts. A good hurt because I know that I worked hard during Insanity yesterday. I’m putting exercise on hold until this evening. I have a virtual walk/jog date with Jasmine. We’re going to sinc up our phones, I’m curious to see how that works. And back to insanity tomorrow!

I just had a quick ham and swiss sandwich for breakfast  and I’ll have leftover salad for lunch today.

Late in The Day


This morning I just couldn’t get out of bed. I’m usually right out around 7 or 8 so it was weird to see 10:34 on my cell phone. What’s what about?

I didn’t end up eating breakfast until lunch time, and I imagine that rest of the day will follow suit. Who knows when I’ll get to dinner?

I made a big batch of fruit salad yesterday. Half for my sister-in-law who just had a baby, and the other half for us. I love fruit salad and I don’t know why I never think to make it ahead of time. It reminds me of Christmas. My mom always make fruit salad for Christmas morning to eat with sausage and cheddar biscuits.

I added a honey, lime zest, and poppy seeds to give it a little zing. It’s so good! Kiwis might be my favorite fruit. They’re up there with blueberries.

I also toasted a slice of whole wheat bread and topped with a couple of peppery scrambled eggs and cheddar. I always drink several glasses of water as soon as I wake up. Ice water is my coffee, I can’t do anything else without it.


Lunch was a Mediterranean inspired pasta salad. The only think I changed was fresh tomatoes instead of sun-dried and whole wheat pasta instead of white. Delicious and filling.

After work we did Jillian’s Shed and Shred. It was actually fun and really challenging.

food 3


After the workout I was starving so I had half a slice of pumpkin chocolate bread. This held me over nicely until dinner. It is also the best recipe I’ve tried!


I made a batch of sweet chili baked wings and ate one.

For the main dish I made kung pao chicken with lots of celery, and brown rice. My photo isn’t loading at the moment, but I will upload it tomorrow if it comes through from my phone.


For dessert I had another serving of fruit salad sprinkled with peanuts.

And there you have it, a day of eating intuitively. No overeating  or fighting the urge to eat too much. I ate what I wanted, when I was hungry.