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Better Days

Once you realize that it’s possible to feel good by not eating certain things and including others instead, the compulsion begins to fall away because you’ve found something better: getting your life back.

This was the first thing I read this morning on my Facebook feed. By Geneen Roth of course. I had to [...]

Can I Have it All?

This week has zipped by! I say this on the heels of driving an hour away to stay with my parents and Josh in a cabin for the weekend. No internet and probably little phone reception. I’m bringing lots of books and notebooks and will be inspired, relax and swim.

It’s been a little over [...]

What’s Work Got To Do With It?

This illustration is funny to me because I feel like this on most days. I know I’m not alone, right? This is a topic I’ve touched on before, but I want to revisit it because it’s a big one for me.

I’ve spent years trying to figure out why I overeat and I’ve come [...]

My Attitude Adjustment

rotisserie chicken salad with brown rice

I’m finding that the best way to motivate myself and get stuff done is by changing my attitude. This isn’t easy. I’m a firm believer that if I don’t like something, I need to change it and if I can’t change it, I need to change how I [...]

Hello, June

I found this quote on a friend’s facebook page this morning and all I could say was “yes!” because I get this. I can’t tell you how many countless hours and minutes I’ve spent trying to change the world, uncontrollable circumstances, other people, and situations that are just way more complicated than saving could [...]

This Week’s Workout Goals

Here are my workout goals for the week. Insanity will be done in the evenings with Josh and the rest will be done in the mornings on my own. I love exercise that gets stuff done like vigorous cleaning and yard work, so I’ve included that as well. Yard work wears me out!

I [...]