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Best Bathing Suit Ever!

This past summer AshleyGee informed everyone to run, not walk, to Walmart to get this swim suit. She was not misguided in that message. This is seriously the best swimsuit I’ve owned since the one piece I wore with the belly and back open when I was seven. That was 1990, and it was a crazy year.

I have this suit in black and red, but now I’m convinced it needs to come home with me in the polka dot pattern too. Here’s the deal, this swim suit has serious suck-in powers. It’s also longer in the front to cover extra bits of the upper thigh and it creates this nice hour- glass figure, vintage look.  The front crosses are helpful for supporting the ladies and the whole thing has ruching on the sides, making it extra flattering.

I purchased this in a size 3x (for 24/26 sizes) and I can see it fitting even as I get down to the size 22 area again.