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This Week’s Workout Goals

Here are my workout goals for the week. Insanity will be done in the evenings with Josh and the rest will be done in the mornings on my own. I love exercise that gets stuff done like vigorous cleaning and yard work, so I’ve included that as well. Yard work wears me out!

I always look forward to getting into a stretch of Insanity, and this time I’m committing to 12 weeks, which will take me right into September for my best friend’s wedding! She has us wearing this strapless number…

… and I’m not about to do that without putting in all those Insanity push-ups!

Never heard of Insanity? Check out this review.

Right Now

Written Last Night:

I want to eat something. Not because I’m hungry, but because I feel like I deserve it. Because I’m tired and I have a few busy days ahead of me. Because I’m worried about getting it all done. Because I’ve been so good eating-wise.

Instead, I’m going to drink a glass of ice water, take out my contacts, put on my pajamas, maybe watch a little TV and head to bed.

See you tomorrow!

Updated this morning: I’m down 5 pounds!