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Work, Work, Work it Out

My workout this morning is brought to you by my love for cheesy pop music! This is the first workout that I’ve done in way too long that I was actually excited to do. It hit all of my workout requirements: 1) no watching time/countdowns/clocks etc. 2) [...]

Cultivating a Habit

The first thing I did this morning was put on my exercise clothes and start this workout that I mentioned yesterday. I’m determined to make morning exercise a habit. Only because I find it very hard to exercise in the evenings. Who I am kidding? I find it hard to exercise at all times, [...]

Internet Workout

I had a very fun and relaxing weekend and I hope you did too!

I made another Nicoise salad Friday evening and then we went out for drinks after, Saturday I made pancakes, went to the farmer’s market, made vegetable korma and practiced the piano, Sunday we went to the lake/beach and then stopped [...]

Nicoise Salad

Making this salad has been on my mind for days. I knew exactly what I wanted on it: baked salmon, boiled eggs, red onions, black olives, tomatoes, feta, cucumbers, lettuce and snap peas. Some of the items were from a shared CSA bag. It was so good we almost ate the whole thing. I’m [...]

Three Things

This morning's breakfast.

I found an article clipping this weekend about productivity- a subject I’m always looking for tips on. In the article it was suggested to “brain dump” all of the tasks that you need to get done that week and then before you go to bed, pick out three important tasks to [...]

One Down

Insanity done, but no yard work though because we had a rain storm right around the time I thought it would be good idea to get in the garden. Today though!

This Week’s Workout Goals

Here are my workout goals for the week. Insanity will be done in the evenings with Josh and the rest will be done in the mornings on my own. I love exercise that gets stuff done like vigorous cleaning and yard work, so I’ve included that as well. Yard work wears me out!

I [...]