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One Down

Insanity done, but no yard work though because we had a rain storm right around the time I thought it would be good idea to get in the garden. Today though!

With the Birds

Breakfast was served outside on the deck this morning. Pure happiness for me. The weather was perfect! I had egg, bacon, and provolone on an everything bagel thin with a side of strawberries. 360 calories total.

Time to get to work in my freshly cleaned and organized studio.

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This Week’s Workout Goals

Here are my workout goals for the week. Insanity will be done in the evenings with Josh and the rest will be done in the mornings on my own. I love exercise that gets stuff done like vigorous cleaning and yard work, so I’ve included that as well. Yard work wears me out!

I [...]

Best Bathing Suit Ever!

This past summer AshleyGee informed everyone to run, not walk, to Walmart to get this swim suit. She was not misguided in that message. This is seriously the best swimsuit I’ve owned since the one piece I wore with the belly and back open when I was seven. That was 1990, and it was [...]


I’ve turned this post over in my head many times these past few weeks. Wondering how I could return, what I would say, how I would move forward. ..

I’ve asked myself what I want to contribute, what I am contributing, and what these words are that I’m willing to share. I’ve come back [...]