Keep Calm


If I’ve learned anything about life, career and wellness, it’s that nothing good comes from panicking. Yet, I feel like I’m always relearning that lesson.

I went to a salesmanship conference a couple of years ago, where the speaker made it very clear that you can’t be creative if you’re panicking about money, success, stability or the future. I took that to heart and have found that the only thing that keeps me from going over the edge is a solid plan. I find solace and security in a plan, even if that plan changes.

The same goes for health and weight loss for me. I panic when the scale goes down, and when it goes up. I panic that I will lose my mojo, that I will slip and someone will find me face-down in a vat of chocolate sauce. Nothing good, like with my creativity, has ever come from panicking.

When I panic about weight loss, I start a diet. I get rigid. I set unrealistic goals.

Right now I’m panicking a little bit. I’m panicking because I’ve never been so free with food. It’s never felt up to me or in my control. The decisions I make are directly from me. And that feels very scary.

I write this because I want to break the pattern of taking cover and finding comfort in a diet plan. Intuitive Eating feels like I was plunked down in the middle of the woods without camping gear.

There are things that I do to make it feel safer like planning my meals, but it’s still just me in a world that is filled with a million ways to continue being obese.