Weekly Food Prep

I can’t tell you how long it’s been since I prepared meals for the week ahead of time. This is a weird form of life satisfaction for me. I love having breakfast and lunch options available for me and Josh, mainly because we eat at different times and I want to cut back on eating out. I  tend to think about food less throughout the day when my meals are planned out.

Here’s what you see: 1) prepared turkey, cheese and mustard sandwiches on whole wheat, 2) curry chicken salad on whole wheat wraps, 3) breakfast wraps with turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, cheddar and sweet potato tater tots on whole wheat wraps, 3) Kodiak cake waffles, 4) unsweetened mixed berry tea (two pitches), 5) coffee concentrate for iced coffees, 6) peanut butter and jam bars, 7) salad in bags, 8 ) fresh beet juice, 9) several servings of rice, 10) chopped onions.

I put the ready-to-eat items in a plastic bin: